Axpert-OPTI torque Series Bypass Duty

"The High Performance Electronic Digital Soft Starter"

Amtech Electronics Axpert opti toeque series VFD

The Axpert-Opti torque series Soft Starters are the high performance electronic soft starters with modern digital signal processor based highly functional and intelligent which are easy to use and offer wide range of protections. The Axpert-Opti torque -iB (internal bypass) series is the new addition to the Electronics Soft starter family with new functionality and increased reliability for motor starting applications.

  • Range : 15…1065 A, 3.7…1000 kW (5…1340 HP)
  • Voltage : 200…690 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • 3-Phase control
  • Universal control supply 90...270 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Most advanced integrated electronic motor over load and over current protections
  • Wide range class 2…30 electronic overload
  • IP20 protection up to 110 A
  • Three Motor Starting Modes (Voltage Ramp, Current Ramp and Torque Ramp)
  • Four Motor Stopping Modes (Voltage Ramp, Torque Ramp, Brake Stop and Coast-to-stop
  • Three Control Modes (Local, Terminal and Serial)
  • Energy Meter Standard, displayed in both kWH & MWH
  • In-line (3-wire) / Inside Delta (6-wire) operating modes
  • Motor PTC connection for motor over temperature protection
  • In-built PLC Function with Axpert-Drive logic programming tool for easy programming
  • Conformal coating on all circuit boards (PCBs) as standard to protect against 3C3 environment
  • Commissioning mode for easy commissioning
  • Peak logger
  • Digital Operation Panel 5 digit 7 segment LED display (IP65) with 2 decimal points, Unit indication, Start Mode, Start control, Bypass and Starter’s status LEDs display, 9-Key Keypad, 3-LED for Run, Stop, Fault
  • Auto / Line Start function
  • 3 user settable preventive maintenance timer
  • Kick Voltage Start / Jog Function
  • RS-485 Modbus Communication with Axpert-Communicator software for remote monitoring
  • Fully Configurable Analog and Digital Inputs / Outputs
  • Stores last 20 Diagnostic faults with of 8 key operational parameter values and status at the time of fault
  • Senses current in all three phases and provides Current, Voltage & Power information; protection even in bypass mode
  • Energy efficient design - Cooling fan control as per heatsink temperature. This will increase fan life and also reduce the power consumption
  • External fan control option

Main benefits:

  • Reduces starting current peak
  • Jerk free operation, Eliminates mechanical starting shock
  • Better motor and system protection
  • Improved installation efficiency
  • Increased application productivity.
  • Energy efficient design, Internal bypass reduces the power losses
  • Extends motor life
  • Allows for more start / stop per hour
  • Replaces electromechanical starters
  • No moving parts that require maintenance
  • Eliminates need for special dual wound motors


  • 3-phase current
  • 3-phase voltage
  • Line frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active Power kW
  • Reactive Power kVAR
  • Energy kWH and MWH
  • Heat sink temperature (°C and °F)
  • Analog signal value
  • Motor PTC resistance

Diagnosis Function:

  • Fault History
  • 3 warning timers
  • Starter overload and motor overload
  • Number of start in one hour
  • Total start
  • Power ON time & Run time
  • Number of Power ON
  • Fault counter for overtemperature, overcurrent, overload and ground fault
  • Auto restart counter
  • Peak logger
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