Industrial Electronics

Today, Industrial Electronics also popularly known as Power Electronics is the most rapidly growing field. The invention of the Silicon IGBT back in 80s and the continuous research to improve the switching performance and reduce losses, new inventions in wide band gap devices has brought a revolution in terms of the energy efficiency. It is transforming the electric utility, automobile & transportation, telecommunication, manufacturing, research equipment and medical equipment infrastructure in a manner never seen before.

We at Amtech, continuously work for to enhance the efficiency in transforming the electrical energy. Amtech over a period has mastered some of the Power Electronics building blocks like converter, inverter, chopper, control and networking and providing solutions to its esteemed customers.

Amtech has developed range of inverters from general purpose use to most demanding applications. This includes VFD (Variable frequency drives) and Inverters for Wind and Solar.

Amtech provides solutions to different industries and research institutes for new development in the field of energy conservation, non-conventional energy resources, retrofitting solutions and technology up-gradation.

Our range of quality solutions helps the research institutes to expedite their research work. Our solutions include the Switched Power Modules for Regulated High Voltage Power Supply, Different power supplies like Fast Feedback Power Supply, Control Grid Power Supply (CGPS), Magnet Coil Power Supply and Filament Power Supply; the Analog Transmitter & Receiver (VMU/CMU) with 300 kHz Bandwidth for the voltage & current monitoring of high voltage power supply.

Ametch Electronics Industrial Electronics Solution
Ametch Electronics Industrial Electronics
Ametch Electronics Industrial Electronics

Our Experience

Amtech is confident of providing various power electronics solutions

Some of the products developed and field tested are,

AC Drive 4-Q Drive Battery Charger
3-Level Inverter Control Rectifier DC Drive
Static Excitation System Soft starter Active Front-end Converter
Active Harmonic Filter Customized Power supply Power Controller
Wind Power Inverter Solar Inverter

Our Resources

Team of more than 35 experienced research professionals

Compliance to the global standards like UL, CSA, IEC, CE, IEEE, ANSI, NEC, NEMA

Fully equipped with design and development aid such as,

  • CAD tools like e-Plan, AutoCAD
  • Simulation software
  • PCB design tools
  • Development tools for DSP, picDSP, ARM and other controllers
  • High-end test & measuring equipments
  • Test zigs

Our Strengths

  • Core competence in manufacturing
  • Ability to provide Customized Solutions
  • Quality System as per ISO 9001-2015
  • Wide installation base which caters to a majority of industries
  • Dealers/system house network across the country
  • Highly qualified and experienced Professionals

Our offerings

  • Engineering Services
  • Power electronics product development jobs
  • Retrofit solutions
  • Product verification and validation jobs