Slitter Rewinder

A slitter rewinder machine is responsible for unwinding huge, newly made rolls from the main paper making machine, cutting them into smaller sections, and rewinding them as more manageable rolls for distribution. As one of the final production points in a paper mill, any problem with the slitter rewinder can halt production for the entire mill.

Consisting of multiple motors and controls, the slitter rewinder is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in a mill. At the heart of this machine’s process is tension, which determines the quality of the paper rolls. Accurate and consistent controls need to be applied throughout the process to ensure perfect paper reeling, precise slitting and proper roll density profiles.

Except for nip control, the quality of the roll is governed, largely, by the performance of the drives. The rewinder must run as a synchronized system and provide tight control of speed and torque through the continual cycles i.e. from stop-to-full-speed, and back-down-to-zero-speed. Even small inaccuracies in performance can cause problems, such as sheet breaks, rough edges, resulting in downtime, rejected rolls and, ultimately, lost profit.

Slitter rewinder includes control of Rear and Front drum motor, Rider roll motors, Brake generator, Trim blower, knife motors etc. Automation system takes care of controlling the speed and tension throughout the speed range.

Amtech, provides total solution for slitter rewinder with/without brake generator and auto tension control for various types of paper viz. newsprint, writing and kraft paper. This solution provides taper tension rewinding and constant tension rewinding as per the requirement.

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