Battery Backup System

The Uninterruptible Motive Power Supply

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a state of art method for speed control of induction motors. It gives precise, stable, accurate and stepless speed control of induction motors. Power interruptions are very common in industry and whenever input power to VFD is interrupted for a period more than about 2 seconds the VFD trips and interrupts the production process. This interruption in process leads to exorbitant losses in some processes due to:

  • Loss of material in process.
  • Time lost in restarting the process
  • Man-hours lost in restarting the process Low morale of production staff if such interruptions are more.
Amtech Electronics Battery Backup System Solution

Amtech Battery Back Up System (The Uninterruptible Motive Power Supply) includes a state-of-art controller that monitors the drive voltages. If the drive voltage sags or disappears, the battery pack becomes active and provides power to the DC bus. This allows critical processes to never see the disturbance and can continue operating at full power. The time for which the battery pack can provide the back up depends upon the Ampere Hour (AH) capacity of the battery. When the mains power resumes, the inverter draws power from the mains input through rectifier and battery gets recharged from the mains power through charger. This way the Battery Back Up System can ride through the power outages. Thanks to parallel connection, very low standby power and long product life can be expected.