IGBT Based DC Traction Drive

Amtech electronics IGBT Based DC Traction Drive


Use of Latest Generation IGBTs Specifically Designed for Traction Application

The novelty of the development is the use of latest generation IGBT specifically designed for the traction application with the high speed Digital Signal Processor for the fast response and smooth control of the dc motors. Application of IGBT power semiconductors to DC traction motors delivers greatly improved reliability, performance and efficient use of electric energy to the Mass Transit Industry using, or wishing to investigate, the new DC traction-control technology. The new IGBT Based PWM DC Drives are installed in new vehicles and are easily fitted to older vehicles.

High-Speed 32-bit Digital Signal Processor

The use of high-speed 32-bit digital signal processor provides tight control of the output current and so protects the motor from overloading. This helps to reduce the wear & tear and maintenance cost.

Benefits of AMTECH's IGBT based PWM DC Drive

  • Works with existing traction motors
  • Replaces older GTO technology
  • Eliminate speed-control contactors and resistors
  • Eliminates series inductors, required with GTO systems, in the motor circuit
  • Provides computer diagnostics
  • Provides efficient use of electrical energy
  • Maximum motor torque for the entire speed range