Master Slave Operation

Sectional paper machine has many variants bsed on the operating speed, GSM, mechanical design etc. If sections are designed to rotate with the help of two motors in common felt, then care must be taken to choose the load demand of each motor. Otherwise it may impact on stretching of the Wire/Felt, and breakage of Wire/Felt. This results in costly replacement and shutdown of the machine affecting valuable production.

VFD, which is synchronizing the speed of the motor, must also take care of load sharig of each motor. This requires precise Tension/Torque control.

For example, Wire is rotated with Couch roll and Turning roll, then both motors should share equal load depending on the size of the motor and dimension of the roll and gearbox. Also the combined effect of speed on wire should get synchronized with rest of the machine. Same phenomena will be applicable for Press and Felt driven Dryer sections.

Amtech | Master Slave operation


  • Increased life of Wire, Felt etc
  • Provides smooth higher speed operation
  • Increased production gain by reducing paper breakage
  • Improved paper quality
  • Jerk less operation improves life of mechanical parts