Grab Crane

The new generation control and monitoring system developed by Amtech, integrates the operation of EOT crane with four rope grabe using VFD and Crane controller.

Grabing crane used to handle the powder material, having four rope which operates hoisting and grabing operation. Synchronization of this operation was carried out by differential gearbox. Being mechanical synchronization, it prones to backlash and takes lot of time to re-synchronize. Amtech developed and successfully installed automation system for the grabbing crane. It controls the synchronization and whole crane operation like Cross Travel, Long Travel, Hoisting, Grabbing and Safety interlocks. Automation system is using properly sized VFD for existing slip ring motor or new induction motor to control the all operation. PLC system takes care of Speed control, Thruster control, Synchronization and Various interlocks.

Grab crane is a type of crane used in Cement, Metal industry, Ports etc. for handling of material in powder form. The grab mechanism is just like two jaws hinged at mid-point, used to grab the material. This mechanism can be operated by either hydraulic or electrical system. In hydraulic system the grab jaws are operated by hydraulic cylinders. In case of electrical system, there are two rope & drum assemblies on the crab trolley. The grab operation is carried out by one of the rope & drum assembly used to hoist the grab which in turn, driven by electrical motor. The motors are controlled by drive to allow multiple speed operations.

Amtech Electronics Grab crane Automation


  • Smooth crane operation through VFD without any jerk
  • No maintenance of brake system, as the brakes are used only for holding
  • Precise closing of grab results in increased productivity and reduced pollution
  • Energy saving as the total system efficiency improves