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With an eye on the future, Amtech has established a farsighted corporate identity. The company wants to meet future expectations of customers in the field of Motor Control, Automation, Power Quality and Industrial Electronics with further advancement offering leading technologies on a global platform.

Today Amtech, a leading manufacturer offers various motor control products like AC Drives (also known as variable frequency drives or VFD), High Frequency Drives, Medium Voltage Drives (MVD), Soft Starters; Power quality products like Active Harmonic Filter (AHF), Active Front-end Converter (AFC), Static VAR Compensator; Industrial Control Panels and Power Electronics products like AC Power Controller / Heater controller, Wind Power Converters, Solar Inverter and Customized Power Supplies.

Amtech Electronics
Company Origin
The company was incorporated in 1987 with a factory located in Electronics Zone, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on the western coast of India. Gandhinagar is a capital city of Gujarat province. Gujarat is widely considered one of the most industrially developed states of India and a manufacturing hub.
Drive for Success is the motto of the company from the beginning. Amtech was the first company to introduce IGBT Based VFD with PWM technology in India.
We are in the business of developing green technology and manufacturing products in the field of Industrial Electronics for mutual benefit of our customers, our community and our stake holders.

Quality Policy

We are committed to comply with the requirements of the quality system, that we have created to make our products and services to satisfy our customers. To improve the effectiveness of the quality management system we identify our QUALITY OBJECTIVES to guide us in up-gradation of our product technology, have our ever-increasing market share in global market and improve customer satisfaction with the passage of time. The quality objectives shall be periodically reviewed for their suitability.
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