Mill Automation

Today it is the high time to modernize the Sugar Mill to become energy efficient, optimize production and to be competitive. And automation plays a vital role. Precise controls, highest uptime for continuous availability of the plant, prompt service are very much important. At Amtech, we help you to save energy by feeding back the centrifuge braking energy to replacing steam turbines with variable speed drives and induction motors.

It not only saves energy but reduces maintenance costs but also improves uptime.

We have years of experience in sugar industry on turnkey basis. We provide all type of Automation for Sugar Plant Automation or Refinery processing plants with excellent services and at competitive prices.

Our Automation system uses Next Generation Industrial Grade VFD, PLC, SCADA and Touch screen HMI. Modular design of Automation system provides flexibility and ease of operations.

Mill Automation:

  • Auto Cane feed control system
  • Cane Unloader
  • Cane Feeder Table
  • Cane Carrier, Rotating Knives, Fibrizers/Shredder
  • Rake Carrier (Conveyor)
  • Mill Drive control system
  • Mill Chute level control system
  • Mill Imbibition water flow control system
  • Juice Flow stabilization control system

Boiling House Automation:

  • Juice heater temperature control system
  • Juice & syrup sulphiter pH control System
  • Evaporator level & brix control system
  • Batch pan Automation control system
  • Continuous pan automation system
  • Brix & temp. control system for molasses conditioner & melter
  • Continuous centrifugal machine-feed control system
  • Batch type centrifugal machine

Power House Automation:

  • Element Drum Level control system.
  • Furnace Draft control system.
  • Boiler Combustion & bagasse feeder control system.
  • Boiler Deaerator Pressure and Level control system
  • Boiler PRDS control system
  • ID / FD / BFP

Our Innovative Solutions:

  • Turnkey Sugar Plant Automation
  • Cane Unloader - Hoist, Long Travel and Cross Travel
  • Feeder Table Automation
  • Cane Preparation Process Control
  • Mill Drive Automation System
  • Boiling House Automation
  • Sugar Centrifuge Automation Technology (SCAT) for Batch Sugar Centrifuge Machine
  • Retrofitting of DC Motor and Drive System to AC Motor and Drive System in Centrifuge Machine
  • Boiler House Automation
  • Sugar Automation
  • Distillery Automation