Twin Drum Slitter Rewinder Automation

Amtech, a leading solution provider in the Pulp & Paper Industry with more than three decades of experience, offers complete Rewinder solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry. Slitter Rewinder is an integral part of any Pulp & Paper Industry. Slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large finished paper roll into narrower rolls. So, slitter rewinder is used to make smaller rolls of different diameters from the large finished roll. Our solutions are as unique as our customer. They are focused on customer requirements, flexibility of use, highest performance and quality.

The key parameters are tension control at high speed and high torque at low speed. The NextGen Control System effectively controls these parameters with high performance VFD. It has more sophisticated user-friendly functions. It reduces the operator attention & user interference to achieve highest production rate. Also, it does not require highly skilled operator to operate the machine.

Ametch Electronics twin drum slitter rewinder machin automation

Offered Services / Solutions:

  • Open architecture with complete flexibility
  • Precise and accurate machine synchronization control
  • Equal load sharing by front and rear drum reduces the wear and tear
  • Auto tension control system
  • Regenerative brake control
  • Factory tested integration
  • Monitoring and visualization of all interlocks
  • Use friendly HMI
  • Full motor protection
  • Efficient VFD


  • Energy efficient system
  • Precise synchronization gives no variation in winding
  • Precise tension control for even winding
  • OEM supported panel structure- Less footprint
  • Accurate machine control with safety interlocking
  • Modular design gives more flexibility
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration by VFD reduces mechanical stress on machine, which further increases life of mechanical parts
  • Better reliability, more uptime
  • Easy monitoring of Machine Data
  • Appropriate displays on the HMI unit to pinpoint any fault
  • Quick and safe commissioning
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Qualified after-sales service with Amtech’s assistance