Axpert-Hivert Series MV Drive

"The Low Harmonic Direct Medium Voltage Drive"

Amtech Electronics Axpert hivert series VFD

Amtech is best known for manufacturer of medium voltage drive in India. The Axpert-Hivert Series MVD employs proven topology where multiple power cells are connected in series. Well-developed wave stacking method, highly reliable devices and the self-innovated SVPWM control strategy ensures high control accuracy, fast response and high performance.

  • Range : 250…12500 kW (270…16750 HP)
  • Voltage : 3.3 kV, 4.16 kV, 6.6 kV & 11 kV, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • Protection of overload and over-current condition
  • Protection of open-phase and ground fault condition
  • Protection of over-voltage and under-voltage
  • Overheat protection
  • Current limit function
  • Interlock protection of control power supply
  • Two sets of control power hot standby redundancy
  • Power cell bypass function (optional)
  • Cabinet door opening alarm function
  • Synchronizing switch function between mains frequency and output variable frequency
  • Motor soft starting, no impact to mechanical equipment and power network
  • High efficiency: at rated condition, the efficiency of VFD is 98%, the overall efficiency including the transformer is 96%
  • Communication of power units using optical fiber ensures sufficient electric isolation
  • Embedded PID regulator with close-loop control
  • Multiple communication methods with host computer, isolated RS 485 interface, standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol, optional PROFIBUS DP, industrial Ethernet communication protocol
  • Three kinds of control modes including local control, remote control and host control
    • Multiple speed adjustment modes including local, host, simulation and switching signal
    • Accurately records faults history more than 10 times
    • Compact construction, small dimensions
    • Special design according to customer's requirement


  • No need of extra output filtering device.
  • Directly driving the general high voltage synchronous or asynchronous motor, and the temperature of the motor will not be increased.
  • No need of motor derating operation.
  • No dv/dt damage to insulation of motor and cable.
  • No torque ripple induced by harmonics, and the service life of motors and mechanical devices can be extended.
  • No cable length limit as the voltage drop is in the allowable range.
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