Mill Drive

The torque requirement is very high at low speed during sugarcane milling. In the existing older systems the steam used in the turbines cannot be controlled during ariable load. Though the turbine takes input as per its design capacity, it is unable to give optimum output due to poor efficiency. Moreover, steam turbine prolongs the start andstop timing to 25-30 minutes and makes reverse operation difficult.

Amtech's innovative & efficient drives deliver much higher torque at variable speeds. Also, the squirrel cage induction motor installed in place of turbine accelerates the overall efficiency and reduces the start/stop time by 75%

Amtech Electronics mill drive automation


  • Smooth start/stop operation through VFD without any jerks
  • Very low speed operation is possible through VFD
  • Energy saving as the VFD consumes power based on the requirement and the steam saved is utilised to generate power