ID/PA Fans for Boiler

Amtech offers highly reliable drive systems for most critical applications. We have successfully installed Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Variable frequency Drives on Boiler ID, FD, PA, SA fans and Feed Water pumps in power plants.

The ID fan sucks the gases out of the furnace and throw them into the stack by creating sufficient negative pressure in the furnace (5-10 mm wc) in the balanced draft units. They are located in between the ESP and Chimney in the flue gas path. Radial Fans-Double suction-backWard curved vane with inlet guide vane (IGV) control and VFD control is used in all boilers. They handle larger volumes of hot dust/ash laden flue gas (temperature up to 150 °C) from furnace and all leakages occurring in the system till the inlet of the fan. ID fans overcome the pressure drop inside the furnace, Super heater, Preheater, Economiser, Gas ducting & ESP. Consumes maximum power in all boiler auxiliaries as it handles the large volume and heavy pressure drop of the flue gas.

The PA fans supply high pressure primary air through APH, needed to dry & transport coal directly from the coal mills to the furnace. Primary air for mills is divided into cold & hot primary air. Axial fan-double stage-reaction type with blade pitch control is used in the Pulverized fired boiler (210/250/500 MW).

Amtech Electronics Boiler Automation


  • Smooth operation provides more life to mechanical parts
  • Precise control of flow enables fule saving and quality operations
  • More than 20% energy saving
  • Full motor protection