Wind Power Converter

Amtech wind power convertr

Amtech's windpower matrix is an IGBT converter, which converts and transfers power generated by the wind turbine connected to the grid.

The turbine is coupled to two induction generators whose power is applied to the Matrix. The matrix converts the ac power of the generator into intermediate dc,and reconverts it to ac power at the frequency of the grid. This is stepped up by a transformer and connects to the grid.

The advantages of using an IGBT converter:

  • The generator can be run at variable speed.
  • During gusts of wind, the rotor can be made to run faster, thus storing this energy as rotational energy until the gust is over.
  • Better power quality, more specifically a better power factor. The power factor provided by the windmill to the grid can be set to optimum value required, from leading to lagging, through unity. This allows the entire wind farm to pose a unity power factor to the grid, since individual windmills compensate each other's power factor.
  • A variable speed wind mill has greater production than fixed speed or two speed types, due to the above advantages.
    Topology Four Quadrant Line Regenerative Inverter. Two inverters connected on the same DC Bus.
    Input 480 Vac, 3-Phase, 50 Hz or 480 Vac, 3-Phase, 30...90 Hz
    Output 480 Vac, 3-Phase, 50 Hz or 480 Vac, 3-Phase, 30...90 Hz
    Power Rating 205 kW
    DC link Voltage 750 V nominal, 850 V max
    Protections Short Circuit on AC side Shoot-through fault
    Termination Provision for connection of control wires on DC DC link Voltage
    Environmental Ambient temperature 0...50 °C
    Installation Outdoor
    Ingress Protection Class IP55 for the installed matrix