Axpert-Eazy HF Series VFD

"The High Frequency Drive"

Amtech Electronics Axpert Eazy  HF series VFD

Axpert-Eazy HF Series VFD is suitable for the high speed spindle motors rated up to 3000 Hz.

We have vast experience in the application of high speed machining spindles, reduction of their vibration and in the reduction of heat inside high speed motors in general.

The Axpert-Eazy HF Series incorporates a proprietary PWM sinusoidal waveform designed specially to operate motors and spindles running at extremely high speeds. Our improved PWM technology and IGBT devices result in a more perfect sine wave free of harmonics and without DC current which can increase bearing & insulation life of high speed spindles.

  • Range : 0…3000 Hz, 3…60 kVA
  • Voltage : 380…480 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • 4x20 LCD display
  • 200% overload
  • Output frequency up to 3000Hz
  • Simultaneous Monitoring of eight selectable monitoring parameters
  • Air gap eliminator
  • In-built PID controller
  • Silent operation
  • Resolution 0.1Hz
  • Crush current detection
  • Digital operator station on front door
  • Dynamic braking 10-20% of rated power
  • Multi Spindle Selection
  • Output filter reactors
  • High frequency filter capacitors on line input
  • 14 bit resolution analog speed reference
  • Motor thermistor circuit
  • MODBUS-RTU communication protocol as standard
  • Six programmable and 3 Fix Digital Inputs
  • Two programmable relay outputs, One fault relay
  • Four programmable Digital Outputs
  • Four programmable Analog Inputs
  • Four programmable Analog Outputs
  • Designed for 50°C ambient temperature


  • Internal grinding
  • High speed pumps
  • Surface grinding
  • Dryers (atomizers)
  • Lens polishing
  • Centrifuges
  • High Speed milling
  • Seal testing
  • Precision grinding in optical industry
  • Automotive and aircraft arts
  • Special drives for spindle testing

Multiple Motor Configuration, Ease Of Operation:

  • Axpert-Eazy HF Series VFD Drives can operate up to 16 different motors (1 Main + 15 Auxiliary). Twenty-Two different parameters (settings) can be stored for each motor. Motors are selected by contact closure, which is well suited for fast, automatic switching. An entire inventory of motor parameters can be factory stored within every drive eliminating the need for technician programming.

Multiple Drive Configurations:

  • Axpert-Eazy HF Series VFD Drives are easily interconnected for efficient communication with a single Digital Operator Station. Up to 247 drives can operate over a RS-485 Serial port using Modbus Protocol. This interface also provides a means for parameter storage and retrieval by uploading and downloading parameters to computer disk. Communication can be accomplished with either standard communications software or with custom software.

Ease Of Operation:

  • The drive is simple to program and operate from the Digital Operator Panel, 80-characters 4 lines display and 8 key keypad. The Digital Operator Panel employs plain English and utilizes no parameter codes, making information on the drive operation and programming freely accessible. Additionally, parameters can be viewed at any time. Online diagnostics make troubleshooting a simple task. Dedicated NORM, MODE & GROUP keys facilitate quick switching between screens; the last screen viewed is always remembered. This clear and effortless interface can be learned without the use of an instruction manual.

Options and Customizing:

Standard Axpert-Eazy HF Series VFD Drives can be configured to fit your particular needs. We support a wide variety of options and welcome drive customization. A partial list of options includes:

  • NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 drive enclosures
  • Custom enclosures and enclosure painting
  • Input reactors and filters
  • Single phase input power
  • Input and output transformers
  • Low and high frequency output filters
  • Output contactors
  • Disconnect switches and door interlocks
  • Additional braking, up to 100% capacity
  • Additional control inputs and outputs
  • High resolution analog and digital inputs
  • Local and remote digital and analog meters
  • Remote operator stations on NEMA 12 doors
  • Operator station kits for remote mounting
  • Operator station remote consoles
  • Custom display screens and custom software
  • Spindle cooling, lubrication and protection packages
  • Multiple drives packaged in one enclosure
  • Drive output for multiple motors (individual overloads, thermistor sensing and terminals)

Easy To Protect:

  • The 32-bit High Speed Digital Signal Processor protects the inverter against the short circuit or ground fault conditions. User settable over load function protects the load against the over load conditions.
  • Soft stall current limit reduces the output frequency if the output current exceeds the set level before the inverter trips. Input and Output Phase Loss to prevent loading on the other phases.
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