Our Business Verticals

Amtech Electronics Pulp and paper Industry
Pulp & Paper
Amtech, an Indian multinational, over 35 years providing total solutions in pulp and paper industry, which includes green field turnkey solutions for sectional paper machine, retrofitting of paper machine, rewinder, boiler and many more.
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We work hand-to-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder with our customer to deliver safe, reliable and efficient operations across the metals industry with our products, solutions and services.
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Amtech Electronics Metal Industry
Amtech Electronics Cement Industry
Amtech helps you at every stage to improve your quality, to make operations efficient, to give you total control of your process and to save energy.
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From Sugarcane handling to crystal, we are involved in every electrical process. We help our customer to improve quality and operational efficiency through our solutions, domain expertise and over three dacades of experience.
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Amtech Electronics Sugar industry

We also offer products and solutions in Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Mining, Water & Waste Water, Textile, Automobile and many more industries