Centrifuge Machines

Centrifugation is a very important process in sugar plant where in the massecuite (Mixture of Crystals & Syrup) flows from the vessel in to the centrifuge machines and crystals are separated from the syrup by centrifugal force.

At a 10,000 TCD customer’s place, Amtech has installed SCAT on ThyssenKrupp make centrifuge machine of 1750 kg.

Amtech offers proven smart solution SCAT (Sugar Centrifuge Automated Technology) for the Sugar Centrifuge. It is an automation package consisting of Regenerative Variable Frequency Drive and intelligent process controller with state-of-the-art algorithm. We offer solution for the machines ranging from 750 kg to 2250 kg for the new machines as well as for the retrofit solution.

The SCAT system improved process interlocks and provided enhanced safety to the centrifuge machine. Also reduced overall process time resulting in enhanced productivity and smooth operation.

Amtech also integrated other centrifuge machines to improve productivity and to reduce overall energy consumption. Provision of Machine interlocks ensured better efficiency and less mechanical hazard.

The conventional control systems employed to monitor & control the operation of the centrifuge machines suffer from the drawbacks like increased down time due to repeated failures, higher maintenance cost, low production due to more cycle time, lack of motor protection & process interlocks. Apart from these, quite often the customer looses precious time and production during running crushing season for want of qualified after sale service.

The Amtech SCAT System is robust in performance and rugged in design as compared to the conventional control systems and other systems available in the market.

Amtech electronics centrifuge machines Automation


  • Factory-tested integration
  • State-of-the-art engineered system
  • User-friendly touch Screen HMI display with important process information
  • Regenerative VFD with intelligent Process Controller & algorithm
  • Full motor protection
  • Synchronization with other Centrifuge Machines


  • Increased productivity --> SCAT increased number of production cycles and consistent batch time.
  • Consistent quality --> Thanks to the fine and precise speed control by VFD and improved process flow.
  • Energy saving --> Use of advance Energy Management System and Active Front-end ensures the regenerative energy is feed back to the grid.
  • No inrush current --> VFD smoothly starts the motor and limits the current, so no burden on the grid.
  • Increased uptime --> Smooth acceleration and deceleration reduces mechanical stress on machine, which increases life of mechanical parts; Robust and long-lasting design requires little maintenance, can operate continuously throughout a campaign; Qualified after-sales service by Amtech assistance.
  • Improved Power Factor and Harmonic Reduction --> Use of AFC reduces the harmonics to less than 5% at rated load. Also improves input power factor. So, compensation and filter circuits are no longer needed.
  • Easy fault diagnosis --> Graphical HMI with full of information assist in pin pointing the faults.