From Sugarcane To Crystal

From Sugarcane handling to crystal, we are involved in every electrical process. We help our customer to improve quality and operational efficiency through our solutions, domain expertise and over three dacades of experience.

We provide total solutions for Motor Control, Automation, Power Quality and Energy Conservation. The solutions include Green field Turnkey solutions for whole plant, Mill house Automation, Boiling house Automation, Sugar Centrifugal, Boiler house Automation, SCADA, DCS and many more.

Our solutions provide following advantages at a glance,

  • Precise Speed and Torque control - Better and consistent quality
  • Latest AC VFD and efficient induction motors - Energy conservation
  • Higher reliability and less break downs - Increases throughput and saves money
  • Flexibility of operation - Ease of operation
  • MIS report generation - Flexible & expandable database for evaluation of process
  • Increased up time - Production gain
  • Smooth start/stop - Increasing life of equipment
  • Easy diagnostic - Minimize down time
AmtechElectronics Sugar Industry Solution

We provide following turnkey solutions for Sugar plant,

  • Power Control Center – PCC
  • Motor Control Center – MCC
  • Automatic Power Factor Control – APFC
  • Motor, VCB, Transformer, Cable
  • Automation system with AC VFD
  • DCS, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Control desk & Remote desk
  • AC VFD for standalone applications
  • PC based Data Acquisition system
  • Services like Cable schedule, Cable contract, HT structure, Earthing, Lighting, Installation and Service & Support

Our innovative solutions are:

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