Boiler & Co-Gen Power Plant

Automation system, designed to improve throughput, gain in performance and efficiency of co-gen power plant in sugar mill. Load balancing algorithm facilitates continuously maintained team generation and uniform steam flow. Draft fan speed algorithm facilitates excellent combustion conditions hence increased efficiency thus optimum boiler capacity utilization and reduced carbon footprint.

Increased steam to fuel ratio hence fuel saving. Reduced thermal shocks hence longer life expectancy.

Amtech boiler cogen power plant Automation


  • De-aerator level and pressure control.
  • Three element control with drum pressure compensation.
  • Combustion control & Soot blower controls.
  • Load balancing of two or more boilers.
  • Fuel and ash handling control & Cooling tower control.
  • DM plant control & Hotwell control.
  • Steam and water analytical system.
  • Continuous blow down level control.
  • Intermediate blow down level control.


  • Assistance from concept to commissioning.
  • Improved Efficiency.
  • Improved steam to fuel ratio due to increase in FW (Feed Water) temperature and increase in boiler efficiency.
  • Optimum combustion reduces un-burnt fuel losses. This is evident from, decrease in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide percentage in flue gas and at the same time reduction in excess air percentage, reduction in flue gas carbon monoxide percentage.
  • Reduction in excess air means optimum usage of fan drives and thus power saving.
  • Maintained steam drum level with pressure compensation ensures optimum steam generation while compensating for shrink and swell in the drum level.
  • Reduces thermal shocks and Improves life expectancy Improved Power Generation Efficiency.

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