Headbox Automation

Headbox operation in paper machine is very important as it decides the quality of the paper by uniform supply of the stock in forming section across the width of the wire section. The new generation of control system, integrates the operation of headbox with VFD and PLC system and improves the performance of paper machine and quality of paper at the reel.

The essential requirement is pressure and level control with respect to speed of the machine and jet velocity ratio. Pressure is controlled through regulation of root blower speed through VFD and level is controlled through regulation of fan pump speed through VFD. Our automation system provides control of machine speed or fix jet velocity ratio. lt also has manual system for start up and troubleshooting in case any problem.

The papermaking stock pumped in a pipe is converted to a uniform rectangular flow with absolutely the same flow rate and flow direction across the wire width. Papermakers adjust the jet-to-wire speed difference to fine-tune the paper structure. Jet velocity is governed by Headbox pressure. The jet is the narrow stream of papermaking furnish that comes out of the slice opening from the Headbox.

Amtech Electronics Headbox Operation


  • PLC based control system
  • Precise Control of Root blower and Fan pump for jet velocity control
  • lnstrumentation viz. Level, Pressure
  • lntegration with QCS system
  • Auto/Manual mode
  • Synchronized operation with machine speed
  • Easy operation and diagnostic
  • Factory-tested integration
  • User-friendly HMl
  • Full motor protection


  • High Speeds
  • Better Formation
  • Low installation cost
  • lmproved paper quality and efficiency
  • Easy & fast maintenance
  • Field sensors of highest quality for precise control
  • Minimum downtime -easy grade change
  • Better basis weight profile without compromising fiber orientation profile
  • Better reliability, more uptime
  • Easy monitoring of Data
  • Appropriate displays on the HMl unit to assist with pinpointing any faults
  • Quick and safe commissioning
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Qualified after-sales service by Amtech assistance