Medium Voltage Drive

What is Direct Medium Voltage Drive?

The AC Drive which can provide direct high voltage to the motor without any output transformer or filter is referred to as Direct Medium Voltage Drive.

There are mainly two types of Medium Voltage Drive exists like Current Source Inverter, Voltage Source Inverters. Among the voltage source inverter there are different topologies like 2-Level Inverter, Neutral Point Clamped Inverter, Multi-level Cascaded H-bridge Inverter and Multi-level Flying capacitor Inverter. Out of all these topologies the most popular is the Multi-level Cascaded H-bridge Inverter.

Amtech’s Medium Voltage Drive

Amtech’s AXPERT-HIVERT series Medium Voltage VFD is a Multi-level Cascaded H-bridge type which offers a simple, reliable, cost-effective power structure that is easy to apply to a wide voltage and power range. It is highly used for speed regulation, energy savings, soft-startup and intelligent control of the medium voltage motors in industries such as thermal power plants, petroleum, chemical, mining, cement and metallurgy.

The product embellishing the product portfolio is as follow,

Product Name Range Voltage
Axpert-Hivert Medium Voltage Drive Series 250…12500 kW (270…16750 HP) 3.3 kV, 4.16 kV, 6.6 kV & 11 kV, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz

Advantages with Amtech's Medium Voltage Drive

1. Reduced cost

  • Energy saving on fan and pump
  • Reduced maintenance costs on mechanical equipment
  • Increased life of mechanical equipment

2. Improved process control

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Environment compliance

3. Starting large motors on weak power systems

  • Eliminate voltage flicker
  • Reduce inrush current
  • Higher starting torque than reduced voltage starter