Servo Motor & Controller

Amtech Electronics servo motor controller

In the range of brushless servo drives, we are offering a whole range of drive-and-motor packages; starting from 0.4 Nm up to 50 Nm. Sizes to suit most applications are available. The most interesting system among them is DIMA, a digital servo system.

Setting of all parameters is carried out completely by the control system, removing the need for any adjustment potentiometers. By the real time access to position, torque, and electric current control, many new possibilities present themselves.

JetMove 6XX

Amtech Electronics servo motor jett move
  • Axis programming and parameterizing directly in the application program of the controller
  • Axis coordination and special axis functions
  • Digital current, speed and position controllers can be parameterized and disabled individually
  • Resolver or sine-cosine feedback