Wire Drawing Machine

Amtech offers an innovative & smart solution of Wire Drawing Machine control with Automation Package, based on AC variable frequency drive, SCADA and intelligent process controller. This combination controls the multiple drawing from each stands.

You can rely on our solutions to improve efficiency, ease of control and accurate synchronization within your Wire Drawing Machine operations.

System's quality, reliability and flexibility gives you ability to adapt to the changing market conditions anytime.

Amtech Electronics wire drawing machine


  • Total Automation system with advanced electronic control system results in accurate Wire Drawing.
  • The tension of wire between Rollers used for drawing is maintained constant by maintaining the position of dancer irrespective of the die size.
  • High dynamic response mitigates speed variation due to raw material variation.
  • Winder and unwinder control.
  • SCADA based monitoring and controlling system.
  • User friendly HMI.
  • Shift wise production report.
  • Manual drawing option.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools, graphics and reports.
  • High speed operation with buffering to meet fast operation and accurate synchronization simultaneously.
  • Factory tested integration.
  • Simplified setup with standard solution based panel.


  • High speed stability.
  • High torque accuracy gives precise synchronization.
  • No manpower required as system is designed on
  • Automatic operations.
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration by VFD reduces mechanical stress on machine, which increases life of mechanical parts.
  • Better reliability, more up-time.
  • Wire Drawing mimic in SCADA gives better monitoring of Machine.
  • Trend and Alarm gives historical analysis of Machine performance.
  • Easy monitoring of each roller data includes Speed of machine, Production Data, Total kW consumption, Unit / Kg consumption, Running hour of machine.
  • Data logging and report generation provides flexibility to evaluate performance.
  • Appropriate displays are provided on the HMI to assist with pinpointing any faults.
  • Short payback period with better productivity, reduce energy consumption.
  • Quick and safe commissioning.
  • Minimized maintenance costs.
  • Qualified after-sales service by Amtech.