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Ametch Electronics STATCON

Poor power factor escalate complications that affect all power distribution networks in industrial, commercial, airports, ship yards, water treatment plants, windmills, off-shore drilling and railway traction substations.

Most of the Electrical equipment are responsible for poor power factor. We are Manufacturer of Axpert-i-Sine series are designed with intelligent control algorithm which dynamically changes the switching frequency to optimize the performance and efficiency of upstream power equipments. The performance of Axpert-i-Sine STATCON is immune to supply voltage.

The Axpert-i-Sine STATCON controls and compensates reactive power dynamically. Its step-less response improves the voltage stability. It also offers load balancing for maximum utilization of demand power and reduces the heating of transformers. With Axpert-i-Sine STATCON, user can program different power factor for utility and auxiliary power.

  • Range : Up to 12,000 kVA
  • Voltage : 400…600 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • Dynamic compensation with better resolution.
  • Operates with closed loop control.
  • Load balancing.
  • Capacitive and Inductive compensation.
  • Ability of parallel operation to increase power capacity.
  • Different compensation modes.
  • Inherent current limiting
  • Shunt connection
  • LCD display with backlit (optional TFT touch screen HMI)
  • Mod-bus RTU communication compatible
  • Advanced programmable digital I/O interface
  • Intelligent control algorithm which dynamically changes the switching frequency to optimize the performance


  • Inductive and capacitive loads
  • Highly fluctuating loads
  • Loads with weak networks

Display and Monitoring

  • The standard LCD display / optional TFT touch screen graphical HMI.
  • Monitoring of all metering parameters
  • Waveforms (optional TFT touch screen HMI).
  • Status and alarms.


  • Improves the power factor
  • Can be used for linear & no-linear types of loads
  • Use at ground of system devices
  • Increased voltage stability
  • Very fast response and reaction time
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