Sugar Cane Unloader

Are you facing problems with Cane Unloader? Would you like to stop the motor burning problems without increasing the cost? Would you like to save energy? Would you like to improve productivity? Then use Amtech's proven solution. 

In sugar plant, Cane Unloaders are the first equipment to handle the cane and mostly a fork type-grabbing crane is used for unloading sugar cane raw material from open trolley with flexibility and speed.

The material handling plays an important role in any process industry especially in sugar production, where to ensure continuous feeding of raw material; the sugar cane has to be unloaded round the clock. To meet this requirement, efficient and robust equipment is must.

Any solution has to be reliable, proven for the challenging operating conditions and cost competitive. At Amtech, we have vast experience of vertical transportation application like passenger lift / crane / hoist, where precise position control is required. Amtech offers complete solution through its high performance Next Generation Industrial Grade Axpert-Eazy+ Series VFD system – specifically engineered for cane unloader application.
Existing System - Limitations, Problems & Challenges
The system has 3 axis motion of the grabbing unit plus grab control mechanism, different motors are used for different functions, however the most challenging motion is hoist. Most sugar plants face problem of frequent motor burning and contactor contact welding due to high demanding duty of operation of around 600 times per hour. It means that 600 times per hour the motor takes more than 8 times of rated current for each of duration of 2-3 seconds, which generates the excessive heat across the internal winding of motor. The motor doesn’t get the time for cooling and the winding gets damaged. To replace the motor is a big task as it takes 5-6 hours and such phenomena are observed 4-5 times in a season. The same is the case with the contactors; the arcing takes place between the contactor’s contacts and frequently the contacts get welded which requires maintenance and replacement. Also the mechanical brake often requires frequent maintenance, as it has to stop and hold the grab mechanism with full load.

The motor, contactor or mechanical failure not only interrupts the unloading process but many a times interrupts all subsequent processes including sugar production. It also consumes the major portion of maintenance schedule and cost; increases the stress on maintenance / production team.

The frequency of operation cannot be reduced as it will affect the delivery of cane. Hence to protect the motor keeping all performance parameter same is another challenge.

The location is in open air and the vibration is extremely high hence the new solution shall perform in such adverse condition and harsh environment.
Amtech Solution - Features
The system offers many unique functions which makes it robust and superior compares to the other solutions.
  • Smooth start/stop of motor
  • Advanced current limit function ensures starting current less than rated current
  • Crane control function for precise and smooth operation
  • Close-loop brake control for low wear and tear of mechanical brake
  • Electronic braking system to handle regenerative energy
  • Robust design suitable for 50 °C ambient
  • State-of-the-art conformal coating on all printed wiring boards complying to 3C3 environment
  • Factory built solution meeting global safety and quality standards
  • Low loss, High efficiency Industrial Grade product
  • Full motor protection including single phasing
  • Optional DOL bypass to run the equipment in emergency
  • Proven solutions performing globally since 2005
Amtech Solution - Benefits
Using Amtech system, customer gets below benefits.
  • Energy saving up to 15 % and direct payback of 2 crushing season
  • Almost zero motor failure – added advantage in saving the cost of rewinding and replacement
  • 99.9% up time of the system
  • Less wear and tear of mechanical brake, so maintenance is very little
  • Very smooth operation - almost no mechanical jerks
Other solutions for the Sugar Industry
Amtech, over last 30 years, providing Total Solutions in motor control, automation, power quality & energy conservation and industrial electronics to its most discerning clients in the Sugar Industry. It sweetens their bottom line by improving production efficiency, downtime, operation costs and saving energy.

From Sugarcane handling to crystal, we are involved in every electrical process. We help our customer to improve quality and operational efficiency through our solutions, domain expertise and over three decades of experience. Our innovative solutions are,
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