Do you want to maximize uptime of your critical application? Use Amtech Hot Standby Redundant System

In many critical applications, system downtime due to the VFD fault or failure is not affordable especially when the consequence of the failure puts the life, safety or system integrity at risk. Other than this, the system down times also has many other consequences like loss of production, inferior product quality, system shut down etc.

Many years ago, VFDs being new to the industry, were considered less reliable. So, a bypass was a sensible addition to a drive system to maintain operation while a VFD is under breakdown. Today’s VFDs are robust, reliable and at the same time user confidence is also very high. So, installing a bypass in non-critical application is not required. Sometimes the cost of bypass is as much high as adding a second VFD. If installed, bypass is helpful in non-critical application as a short term arrangement but not suitable for the critical applications.

There are many reasons like the limited constant-speed / full-speed operation in bypass mode not only eliminates the advantages of a VFD, it can actually damage system integrity. For example, many variable air volume systems cannot withstand the full volume and pressure of full-speed bypass operation. 

When your critical application needs bump-less bypass in practically no time without any major change in motor speed, we have a solution for you.

Amtech offers Hot Standby Redundant VFD System which is utmost reliable and efficient solution.
Our system is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software that monitors the health of the running VFD all the time and in fault or failure of running VFD, transfers the motor control to the hot standby VFD. The hot standby VFD takes the control of the motor in a fraction of seconds.

The transfer is so smooth that there is practically no change in the process parameters and at times even your control room will not be able to distinguish the transfer.

We have successfully implemented many such solutions on critical applications in various power plants. The other applications are PA Fan of CFBC Boiler, BFP, Pumps, Kiln, Agitator, Pulper, Data Centers etc..
The system is also suitable for low inertia applications where VFD bypass with conventional features like Speed Search Function or Catch-On-Fly can not prevent the interruption.

The Redundant System offers single point control connections for customer, eliminating the need to duplicate control wiring to primary and secondary systems. All redundant drive configurations include an integral input disconnect; either circuit breaker or disconnect switch as per the customer requirement. There are also wide selections of power and control options.
  • Reduce site installation costs with an integrated proven redundant system
  • Minimize costly system downtime
  • Eliminate complexity of duplicate wiring to individual drives.
  • Each VFD has individual circuit breaker / fused protection for uninterrupted operation
  • Redundant control automatically switches from Running VFD to Redundant VFD in case of fault or failure of Running VFD
  • Facility to select running VFD / Redundant VFD through selector switch
  • AUTO/OFF/MANUAL selector switch for each VFD
  • Electrically (and/or mechanically) interlocked VFD output isolation contactors
  • Single speed reference (0…10 V or 4…20 mA) through isolated analog signal converter to both VFD
  • Customer Terminal Blocks for Safety/Interlocks, External Start Signal, Speed Reference Signal etc.
  • VFD Run and Fault lights for each VFD
  • VFD Digital Operation Panel is accessible on front door, no need to open the door