Seamlessly Integrated Engineered Systems
Designed, Developed & Manufactured by Indians for the World

At Amtech, our goal is to provide fast and flexible time tested Engineered Systems for Motor Control for the changing process requirements across all sectors. We help you to choose right solution with our readily available Engineered System options and make your decision simpler.

Our Seamlessly Integrated Engineered Systems for Motor Control assures total solution customized to your needs. Each of these Engineered Systems is as unique as our customers. Our Engineered Systems are complying to the highest quality and safety standards.
Offerings and Advantages
VFDs and soft starters are the key components of the Engineered System for Motor Control. We have range of options to choose for the Engineered System.
  • IP 20, 21, 31, 41, 42, 54, 55 and IP 56 to NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4 and 4X enclosure
  • Circuit breaker (MCCB), SFU (Switch Fuse Unit), Rotary handle mechanism for circuit breaker
  • 2-Contactor bypass, 3-Contactor bypass, 5-Contactor bypass or Soft starter bypass
  • EMI/RFI filter to reduce the disturbance
  • Line reactor (ACL), DC link reactor (DCL) for input harmonic reduction
  • Load reactor, dv/dt filter & Sine filter for long motor cable length
  • Regenerative type braking / External DB resistor and DB unit
  • Fuse / MCB protected control transformer
  • Door mounted keypad optionally with protective cover
  • Panel heater, air conditioner and other pilot accessories
  • Input bridges with 6-pulse, 12-pulse, 18-pulse, Active Front-end Converter (AFC) or passive harmonic filters
  • Motor protection options
  • Individual single VFDs or common DC bus systems with multiple VFDs
  • Custom enclosures and custom paint colors
  • Modbus as standard communication protocol, optional Profibus / ProfiNet / DeviceNet / EtherCat / Ethernet IP
  • Flame proof Remote Box
  • Push-buttons
  • Selector switches
  • Potentio-meters & leg stand kit
  • Analog Ammeter, Voltmeter
  • Digital and Analog RPM, Voltage, Ampere, Power meter
  • Space heater with / without Thermostat
  • Signal converter
  • Time Totalizer
  • PID controllers
  • Fault Announciator / Hooter / Buzzer
  • Glass Window Lockable for Keypad
  • Panel light / Utility Board
  • Remote Box
  • Time tested proven solution
  • Global compliance UL, CSA and CE
  • Normal duty & heavy duty ratings
  • UL / CSA panel shop
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Can be built to your specifications
Customized Solutions
Bypass Solutions for Critical Applications
We understand the criticality of your application and your quest for an uninterrupted process. The most reliable products can also fail at times, but Amtech will never let you down. Amtech solution lets the system run on the bypass system till the process gets completed while repair of module can be carried out at a convenient time later.

Redundant System
At times, your process needs bump-less transfer in no time without any major change in speed.We have the solutions for every challenge.

Our system solutions equipped with state-of-the-art technology, monitors the health of the VFD all the time and in an abnormal situation, transfers the control to the hot standby VFD in no time. The transfer will be so smooth at times, that even your control room will not be able to diagnose the transfer.

Successfully implemented many such solutions on critical applications in various power plants.

Power Dip Solution
Poor power supply conditions or momentary voltage fluctuations results in a major breakdown of the equipment and process. Single power fluctuation may cost heavy production loss and degrade the product quality. We provide reliable Power Dip Solutions which keeps the VFD and so the motor running during momentary fluctuations for few milliseconds resulting in uninterrupted process.

Battery Backup System
If you wish your processes and equipment run uninterrupted even if the power fails for few seconds to few minutes, then use our Battery Backup System. The Battery Backup System keeps the VFD running in case of power failure and supply the required energy from the battery resulting in uninterrupted process.

With Amtech solutions, power supply disturbances are no more bottleneck.