Axpert-Eazy+ Series VFD
The Next Generation Industrial Grade High Efficiency VFD for Every Industry

Amtech, a leader in motor control and automation system is continuously investing in R&D to remain ahead in technology. The aim is to provide products and solutions to our customers that are energy efficient, cost competitive and meets or exceeds the global safety standards.

We are excited to introduce you our Next Generation Industrial Grade flagship product Axpert-Eazy+ Series Variable Frequency Drive. The VFD is certified for the most stringent global safety standards UL 61800-5-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 274-17 .These standards are new, harmonized with IEC 61800-5-1 related to safety requirements in terms of electrical, thermal and energy. The entire range including 400V and 600V of Axpert-Eazy+ Series has been certified by internationally recognized CSA Group .

Have a look at some of the exciting functions that can benefit you the most and e xplore the Axpert-Eazy+ VFD to see yourself why it is most advanced user friendly VFD.

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400 V Series
380 to 480 V, 0.75 to 2000 kW (1 to 2700 HP)
500 V Series
500 to 600 V, 30 to 1800 kW (40 to 2415 HP)
600 V Series
601 to 690 V, 37 to 2100 kW (50 to 2815 HP)

The new series is built with power packed hardware and innovative software functions . It is designed to meet the ever increasing expectations of our customers; deliver highest performance, protection and energy saving without compromising the user friendliness.
Quad Core Motor Control Digital Signal Controller based control
7th generation highly efficient and reliable IGBT
Low loss high ripple current capacitor provides longer life
Graphical Display for great comfort and convenience
Excellent performance under 50 °C (122 °F) ambient temperature and under poor power supply grid conditions
State-of-the-art conformal coated printed wiring boards to meet 3C3 / harsh environmental conditions
AluZinc Enclosure for better bonding and EMI/EMC performance
The New Series VFD is compact and requires less space to install.
Well-defined terminations for power and control circuit. All the power terminals are on either left side or bottom side.
Commissioning Mode for easy commissioning.
Debug Mode for the logic verification without actually rotating the motor.
Shorter programming time
Application Macro sets the required parameters as per the application and rating.
Functional Macros sets the required parameters and I/O as per the function usage.
Identify the changed parameters at a glance with Default differ function and change the parameter from the same menu.
Range of Fully Configurable I/O
8 Digital Inputs , +24V operated sink/source and normally open/close selectable, Dl8 is configurable as Pulse Input
4 Digital Outputs , Up to +30V operated and normally open/close selectable, DO4 is configurable as Pulse Output
3 Relays , normally open/close selectable
3 Analog Inputs (two configurable as voltage or current input, one as +/-10 V input)
3 Analog Outputs (two configurable as voltage or current output, one as +/-10 V output)
2 fixed digital inputs dedicated for (STO ), the digital output can be programmed for the STO feedback
32 Configurable Serial Parameters helps to read 24 parameters in a one go
PID, Multi-pump, Ring Spinning Frame, Pattern Run software functions
The new graphical display with white back light and Real Time Clock provides great comfort and convenience to our user in monitoring and setting the parameters.
The graphical display has 5 normal screens with selectable parameters.
User can monitor 16 parameters of his/her choice simultaneously on a single screen! You can also set automatic rotation of all 5 normal screens with adjustable rotation time.
Fault history saves last 20 faults with date/time stamp and 8 important operation parameters
Load Analyzer1 shows user selected parameter Vs time profile
Load Analyzer2 shows load current Vs time profile for entire service life
Peak Load monitoring with date/time stamp and other parameters
IE2 Compliant VFD
Built-in PID, PLC & application specific software reduces the peripheral cost.
Built-in Energy Saving Calculator
High-Efficiency operation mode
Multi-pump control function
Auxiliary Drive control function
RS-485 Modbus Protocol, Wi-Fi as standard
Axpert-Communicator Drive Support Software
Powerful monitoring and control software for PC for controlling maximum drives at a time.
All parameter reading / writing & monitoring / Bargraphs / Trend plots / Alarm view
Mobile Application
The mobile application allows you to monitor and set all the parameters from your android mobile. Now control is in your hand.
Axpert-Eazy+ Series VFD is designed to meet every application in majority of the industries like,
Metal - Rolling Mills, Roller Table, Wire / Sheet Drawing Machine, Cranes / Stacker - Reclaimer, Fume / Dust Exhaust Fan / Blower, Lifter / Pusher / Charging Car
Cement - Kiln Drive, Grinder / Crusher, Cranes / Stacker - Reclaimer, Separators, Cooler Fans / ESP Fan
Power plant - ID / FD / PA / SA Fan, BF Pump, Cooling Tower Fan / Pump, Wagon Tippler, Stacker / Reclaimer
Oil & Gas - Drilling Rig, Mud / Submersible / Progressive Cavity Pump, GCS Heater, Artificial Lift (Pump Jack), Compressor / Fracking
Sugar - Sugar Mill Drive Automation, Sugar Centrifuge Automation, Cane unloader hoist drive, Feeder table automation, Cane carrier
Chemical - Centrifuge, Agitator / Mixer / Fermentor, Dozing Ammonia Pumps, Process & Supply Pumps, Chiller / Lube Compressors
Paper - Sectional Automation, Line Shaft Drives, Pulper / Refiner, Vacuum Pumps, Winder / Rewinder
Water & Wastewater - Raw Water Supply Pumps, ETP Pumps, DM Water Pumps, Sewage Supply Pumps, Decanter Centrifuge
Amtech Advantage
  • Innovative solutions designed, developed and manufactured by Indians, supporting "Made In India"
  • Manufacturing excellence, fast turn around and best uptime provider
  • More than 30 years of experience, highly qualified and experience professionals
  • Customer service network across the country
  • Renowned consultant approval in various industries
  • Wide installation base covering major industries and applications, more than 100,000 installations
  • Quality system certified as per ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Strong understanding of the Indian and global market
  • Core competence in Power Electronics and customized solutions
  • Competitive pricing