The use of sophisticated electronics equipment like Computers, DC Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Thyristorised Heater Controllers, UPS, Switch Mode Power Supplies etc is increasing day by day in the industry.

These are non-linear loads and are responsible for harmonics generation. They draw non-sinusoidal current from the mains as compared to the linear loads like Incandescent lamp, Heating loads and Induction motor loads.

The influence of the harmonics is not known to many and so this is neglected for quite some times. Harmonics are responsible for,
  • Overheating, burnout or generation of vibration and beat noise in capacitors, reactors, generators and transformers
  • Overheating of cables and neutral lines in 3-phase, 4-wire systems
  • Responsible for malfunction of control circuits of rectifier controllers
  • Nuisance operation of protection relays, circuit breakers and fuses
  • Disturbance in communication lines and audio equipment
  • Deteriorates computer / PLC performance
  • Error in watt-hour meter

It is consumer’s responsibility to maintaining current distortion within the acceptable levels (Std. IEEE-519), while the utility is responsible for limiting voltage distortion.
Amtech, a leading motor control and automation solution provider, is also one of the most trusted solution provider for power quality problems. Our PQEC (Power Quality & Energy Conservation) business vertical offers various Products and Services for power quality improvements.
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Power Quality Products
380...415V, 500...600V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
60...300 A, above that connect in parallel

380...480V, 500...690V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
45...2100 kVA

380...415V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
100...300 kVAR, above that connect in parallel
Main benefits of Amtech products are,
  • Harmonic Filtering (AHF): Easily meet IEEE 519 standard requirements - Improve equipment reliability - Selective Harmonic Elimination - Reactive power compensation - Load balancing
  • Reactive Power Compensation (STATCON): Keep the Power Factor to unity - Stepless reactive power compensation, both capacitive and inductive - Improved voltage stability- Load balancing
  • Harmonic Filtering with Grid feeding (AFC): Keep the Power Factor to unity - THD <5% at full load - Feeds back excessive energy to grid - Energy saving
  • Other benefits: LCD display with backlit (optional TFT touch screen HMI) - User-friendly operation - Modbus RTU communication compatible - Facilitates networking ability and remote monitoring - High Efficiency & Reliability
Harmonic Audit & Solutions to comply with global standards IEEE-519/1992, G5/4-1, GB/T-14549, IEC 61000-3-2, 3-4
System Design , Optimization and Payback analysis
Installation & Commissioning of harmonic filters
Training on power quality and energy management
Energy Audit and Solutions by experience BEE certified professionals
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  • Over 30 years of experience, highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Prompt customer service network across the country
  • Quality System certified as per ISO 9001: 2015
  • Strong understanding of the Indian and global market
  • Core competence in Power Electronics and customized solutions
  • Competitive pricing
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