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Amtech has continued to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibilities to enhance Human Development Index (HDI) by undertaking various thematic activities in various areas.  Promoting inclusive growth has been a priority area for AMTECH from both a societal and business perspective.  The Company strives to make a difference to its customers, to the society and to the nation's development directly through its products and services as well as through its development initiatives and community outreach.

To collaborate with communities and institutions to contribute to the national mission of eradicating poverty and hunger, especially in rural areas, through knowledge conservation and development of resources and participating in rural capacity building programs and such other initiatives.

To align Amtech's operations with the objective –  “Make in India” of employment generation by leveraging Amtech's diversified portfolio, manufacturing bases, supply chains and distribution channels, to infuse an appropriate mix of capital and technology to further social business initiatives and support organizations / institutions engaged in building linkages with local, regional and urban communities and markets.

Amtech has always endeavored to be an integral part of the India’s society for more than two and a half decades – as an employer, customer, investor, vendor and a global citizen. Amtech considers it as its economic, environmental and social responsibility to foster sustainable local development as well as add value to the local economy in which it operates. Corporate Social Responsibility is the Company’s contribution to sustainable communities and is built on the Company Values of being Responsible, Excellent and Innovative.

Amtech is providing a growth platform to Young Guns of India so that, they are at par with the world in this global village.

Occupational Health & Safety

Amtech is committed to ensure a secure and healthy workplace for all employees, guests and visitors, by conserving the highest degrees of safety and occupational health measures.

Amtech's approach entails consideration of safety as a value-led concept which drives behavior change and supports the creation of a safety culture fully integrated with business improvement processes.

Amtech has addressed the critical area of climate change mitigation and adaptation through several innovative and pioneering initiatives.  These include continuous improvement in energy conservation, efficiency, and enhanced usage of renewable energy, creating a green built environment, waste reduction, maximizing its reuse and recycling and increasing use of post consumer waste as raw material.

Recognizing that water resources will increasingly become an area of serious concern, Amtech has made significant investments in water conservation and harvesting initiatives to enhance its positive water footprint.

The health and safety of the employees are paramount.  Consequently, the Company strives to manufacture products adhering to zero accidents by continually improving environmental and occupational health and safety management arrangements.

Further, Amtech strives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.  The Company aims to keep the factory clean, green and quiet.


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